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As part of the vision of becoming a one stop shop, WJM acquired Federal Environmental Services (FES) a long standing Edmonton based service and Maintenance Company.  Weiss Johnson Service and Maintenance focuses on the heating, ventilation, plumbing, electrical and refrigeration of commercial buildings. The majority of our service and maintenance business specializes in quarterly preventative maintenance on HCVAC/Boiler/Refrigeration equipment which will provide the customer with:

  • Maximum comfort for building occupants
  • Improve operating efficiency of mechanical systems (boilers, chillers, rooftop heat/cool units, etc.)
  • Apply preventative maintenance procedures to reduce changes of premature equipment failure; and
  • Provide for periodic inspection of building systems to avoid emergency breakdowns.

Preventative Maintenance service (PM) includes a number of scheduled and rigorous activities such as changing belts and filters, cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, lubricating motors and bearings, cleaning and maintaining cooling towers, testing control functions and calibration.  Our customer list dates back to 1995 with some of those customers being with us for the majority of that time.

Service and Maintenance currently has over 150 active PM agreements.  Some examples being:

  • High Rises
  • Multifamily Condominiums
  • Restaurants
  • Retail/Warehouses
  • Facilities and Office buildings

Contact: BRIAN SCHROEDER, Operations Manager
Direct Line: 780-701-4118
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